Catch up

I wrote my last exam last week, and after taking a few days off from laundry and cleaning, the girls both got sick, so I’ve been busy cleaning, baking for Christmas and tending to small humans coughing up phlegm and coated in a fine layer of booger.

Most of my Christmas prep is done, I’ve wrapped everything, made the cranberry sauce for my mom, our tree is up, house is decorated (inside and out). Today was supposed to be baking cookies and biscotti with the kids, but given their general sense of uggggghhhhhhhhcoughcoughugggghhhhh I’ll be lucky to get the cookies done.

Days like today, a quiet cold Saturday with sick kids, makes me miss the days that Steve didn’t work weekends. The girls need Tylenol and vapo rub, I need eggs for baking and more apple juice, but getting those things involves jackets and toques and mitts and winter boots and carrying a squirming toddler across the parking lot while the other tries to wiggle her hand out of mine and uhh, it feels quite exhausting.

I’m tired, too, as the girls woke multiple times last night. I’m so lucky that they’re generally good sleepers but we’re going on a week now with restless nights (peaked now, I hope) and cries for mommy and I get out of bed, time after time, while Steve snores peacefully beside me (in his defense, he’s been sick too although finally after being up at least five times, I “nudged” him with my toe and said, “Your turn.”)

Anyway, before this gets anymore bleak (because the days really isn’t that bad, my girls are cuddly and we watched Elmo’s Christmas Special together and they played “babies and Santa” while I vacuumed and mopped this morning) I’ll got make myself a cup of tea.

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