Post Christmas Detox

I didn’t mean to go a week without updating, but we were away at my folks house. Amid the craziness of a housefull of people, kids hopped up on too much sugar and excitement, presents to the ceiling (not literally) and too much food and a bad cold. I’m left beyond exhausted, still snorting out gross mucus, starting my period and generally feeling quite bloated.

The plan was day care today, cleaning the house, long run and workout and then Weight Watchers (I’m back on the train this New Year), but daycare is closed for their Boxing Day holiday, so instead the girls and I will stroll around the block in the mild sunshine this afternoon and I may run when Steve gets home.

I’m tired and feel weighed down, but am trying to focus on the blessings.

More later once I’ve fully detoxed and can actually compose an interesting entry.

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