It snowed last night.

Unlike the rain storm we had earlier in the week, during which both Steve and I slept fitfully (wakened often by the sheets of cold water hitting our bedroom window), last night the world was quiet.

I sunk into my flannel sheets. I rolled over to Steve’s side (I sleep on his side when he’s gone – was on backshift) and fell into a deep sleep.

Alena woke once and I blearily shuffled to her room, patted her back and tucked her in, fell back into bed until 6:30 when Leila padded across the soft carpet and climbed in beside me. “Snuggle me close, Mommy,” she requested before rolling closer. Her fine fly-away hair tickled my chin and I wrapped my arm around her and curled my legs behind hers.

This morning has been equally nice, the snow is still falling.

The girls happily helped me clean. At one point when I was mopping, Alena picked up the broom and dipped it into the bucket of soapy water. She lifted it out and rubbed the water all over the floor. There are days that seeing that mess would make me growl in frustration and scold her. But today I saw it as a heartbreakingly innocent attempt to mop with mommy. Today I kissed her and took the broom and rinsed the bubbles off and let it dry in the sink.

Today we made puppets and ate lunch together.

Today we played ring-around-the-rosie, shouts of glee as we all fell down.

Today, well, today has been nice.

(Why don’t you head on over here and weigh in on the conversation?)

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