The girls have been coughing for eight weeks, so I finally caved and took them to the doctor.

A dose of abx and an asthma test later, let’s hope we start mending.

Leila is perfectly healthy, despite an evening/morning cough that lingers. In no way do I believe she has asthma and think that this test will be a waste of time. It seems to me that this doctor (not our usual, we had to see someone else) is the kind that believe medical solutions are the be all and end all. He cautiously mentioned not wanting to give her a puffer until a test came back positive. Let me tell you this, if she tested positive for asthma, I would take her to a naturopath and change her diet before I’d give her a puffer. I’d change a lot of things in our home, I’d dust and vacuum more before I’d be ok with my 3yo sucking medication into her lungs on a regular basis (don’t even mention the dog ok?). (Obv this is my personal opinion and if you have a kid with asthma who needs a puffer, that’s your choice, and I’m not criticizing that.)

Anyway, we left the office with a yellow slip of paper, which we dropped off at the pharmacy. Alena happily sucked back the bright pink medicine last night and this morning.

Everything I’ve been reading, everything I’ve been trying to do to keep my family healthy seemed to go against that bright pink antibiotic. Does she really need it? Would her inflamed eardrum go away on its own? What about the dye that stained it pink, what’s that doing to her body?

What does it say about out society, our government, the mass producers of anything that every step I take, every decision I make I wonder if I’m doing the wrong thing. I mean, maybe this is about me, maybe I’m not sure enough of my decisions, but it feels like something is wrong here.

I gave Alena organic yogurt this morning for breakfast, and then pumped her full of her own abx. I don’t know, I mean, I’m not anit-doctor or anti-medicine I’m just not sure what I can trust, you know?

Our local grocery store (to which we are very loyal, since it’s Steve’s employer) has a limited range of organic products. I think we’re going to look into a local farmer and buy our meat through them. Beef and pork and some whole chickens, the breasts we can buy at the grocery store (and I want to support the organic products that they do sell, so as to increase demand). But… I don’t know. Asthma tests and abx and coughs that have lingered for months and a stomach bug that Steve is convinced was food poisoning (from a chicken that Alena wouldn’t eat and she was the only one who didn’t get sick), doctors who seem too eager to hand out yellow slips and the eczema that has flared up again around Leila’s mouth (despite my hopes that a lactose-free diet would cure it).

It’s hard to keep my family healthy, to keep my kids safe when I’m not sure what to believe and who to trust.

I’m sitting here in the library between classes, and I’m going to look up a naturopath for Leila’s eczema and local farmers for meats and some produce. I just wish….. I just wish some things were easier.

4 Comments on “Searching

  1. I was thinking this last week – we went to the doctor for Lexi because I wanted to make sure her congestion wasn’t in her lungs at all and the doctor said it was just a cold but still ASKED if I wanted antibiotics. It was shocking. He didn’t feel she needed them, it would be a cold that lingered for a while, but it didn’t require antibiotics. I agree- I wish all of this was easier.

  2. I’m an anti-antibiotic person. Unless something can be PROVEN to me to be bacterial. As a matter of fact, my daughter is almost four and the only time she was on amox was for a tick bite. My son has never had them. And hey are healthy robust kids.

    FWIW, there is a connection between eczema and asthma. You may want to look into that. And not all asthmas are the dust/mold kind. But I’m with you 100%. Change in diet, supplements, and all that stuff is way better than medication.

    Like I mentioned to you once before, we do a lot of organic meat, dairy, and produce. If you buy in bulk and freeze, it’s not that much mroe expensive. Look into local CSAs and farmers markets as well.

  3. Interesting about the link between asthma and eczema, I had no idea! We are actually headed to a local farmers market on Saturday to buy some organic meat. I think eventually, we’ll buy in bulk and freeze which will hopefully relieve the wallet enough to expand the organic range to all meat by-products.

  4. I’m of the mind that dairy is a huge culprit when it comes to these kinds of ailments. Meat, too, really. Have you read “Disease-Proof Your Child” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman? Excellent book! Another tip I’m a big fan of, is putting a drop of wild oregano oil on your kids’ arches at night, under socks. (Don’t give it to them orally until they are much older; adults can take a few drops orally daily for about a zillion incredibly awesome uses.) I hope your girls both feel better soon!

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