Weekend Ramblings

I went for a run this morning, pushing the double stroller. 4k. It was really, really hard. Left me winded and tired with a sore lower back.

At one point up a particularly grueling hill, Leila turned to me and smiled, “This is FUN!” she exclaimed. Maybe for you, I thought as I tasted what could only have been my own lung coming up my throat.

It’s been a quiet morning, the girls have been getting along well. I’m looking forward to our dinner tonight, and time to be alone together and dressed up. Yesterday ended up being a little long in the tooth, what with taking the girls to their daycare and having to stay and be swarmed by wee screaming beasties hopped up on chocolate.

I also tried to “fix” Leila’s haircut yesterday that Steve had given her. He had missed one little piece and I’m not going to go into details but let’s just say I will never, ever again go near that child with scissors. Ever. Kudos to Steve that he could even fix what I had done and let’s just end this whole thing by saying two things: Leila looks cute with short hair, and; I made Steve promise that we would never again speak of it.

The girls are napping now and I’m about to draw myself a hot bath with lavender bubbles and relish in the quiet house for 45 minutes before it all starts up again.

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