I wanna be the light that burns out your eyes

I’ve been listening to the same album on repeat for a few days. I drive and listen and remember and imagine and oh, how music takes you back.

Sometimes I feel weak, sometimes I feel small. Sometimes I have moments of abundance and I think surely, I really am wonderful and strong and smart. But sometimes those thoughts leave me and I feel that it’s such a long road to who I want to be.

But the songs that once pulled on my heart with every hurt lonely lyric because it was my truth? It doesn’t anymore, I don’t feel that way anymore.

The road to self-discovery may be long, I daresay it will be until I lay on my deathbed (hopefully as an old, old woman surrounded by children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren with very few regrets), but looking back on where I used to be, I’ve realized two things:
1) I have come such a very long way from where I once was;
2) The trip, even the heartbreaking moments, is so absolutely beautiful when you open your eyes to look around.

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