Leila brings a blankie and a stuffed puppy she got from Santa to daycare. Yesterday Steve was with me when I picked the girls up and he packed her bag. Then he took off for a class.

At bed time, I looked in her backpack to see no puppy. After many tears and sobs and hugs, she chose two other animals to sleep with. She lamented puppy’s loneliness. I tried to convince her that puppy would have a party with the other stuffies once all the kids had gone home. She dryly reminded me that puppy is a toy and can’t move or dance or play unless she makes him do it.

Steve got home and I berated him. I can’t believe you left puppy! I can’t believe you forgot!

Guess where puppy was?

In her damned bag all along.

At 2am, when she called and said she had to pee, I took her to the bathroom and then tucked her back into bed, placing puppy in her sleepy arms. “OH YOU FOUND HIM!!” she exclaimed and hugged him tight.

And then this morning, after all that, she decided to take a different stuffy to daycare anyway.


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