Mish Mash

So I’m training for a half marathon in June, by the way. I did my first long run today (11.5k) and it went really awesome.

Could have been the sunshine, could have been the ton of lunges and jump squats I’ve been doing, but I finished strong at the pace was easier to maintain than I expected.

Speaking of sunshine, this is insane. March? In Nova Scotia? Is not 8 degrees for a whole week in a row. March is usually the month I gloomily look out the window to the grey outdoors (most often raining or snowing or hailing or all three) and ponder a move to the west coast. March is not sunshine and warmth and runs in t-shirts and splash pants and freckles starting to pop out already.

Leila got invited to a birthday party this weekend. A little girl from daycare, who is her first real, legit, friend by choice not because their parents are friends. I’m never quite sure what to give for birthday presents for other kids. We keep ours small to begin with, but I’m all about a colouring book and pack of stickers. I just don’t feel comfortable buying an expensive gift. Leila, however, wants to get her a baby doll and cradle because they play mommy and baby together all the time. Which is so sweet and thoughtful and my heart swells with joy at her little friendship. But I’ll probably stick with colouring supplies.

I found out yesterday that my last exam is on April 14 and the first day of classes for spring session isn’t until May 5. I am going to spend those three weeks cleaning this house and finishing up all the loose ends that have been “meaning to get done” since we moved in a year ago. My goal is to have the house ready by the time the nice weather hits so that we can work on the yard (which, oh my, has a lot to be done).

Miles logging, party shopping, house cleaning, ugh. I am boring, indeed.

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