Quality over Quantity

I had a bunch of stuff on my plate today. Hand in assignments, work on Access tables for exam next week, 14k run, daycare by 3 for Jump Into Spring Party.

After logging into the computers on campus, I couldn’t get into the university database. I tried to file a bunch of paper work, but the Thursday before a long weekend, none of the profs I needed to talk to were there. I decided to head home and at least clean the house before my run before the daycare party. I checked my phone. Missed call from daycare.

Alena had a fever. 100.4, no biggie. But I ok’d the Tylenol and told them I’d be there in 45 minutes. She’s ok! they insisted, She even ate her snack! And by the time I got there, she was happily playing outside in the sandbox with a cool forehead and I contemplated leaving her there and getting done what needed to be done today, but instead I took her and buckled her into the car and went to Old Navy and we walked around and talked and although she occasionally asked for Leila (Wawa?), she was quite content.

She happily gorged on cornbread and yogurt for lunch and snoozes as I type this.

We’ll head back for the Spring Party at 3 and Leila may or may not have noticed that Alena left, and that may or may not have upset her.

For a few weeks, I’ve been going to bed tired and waking up tired and I just didn’t want my little girl to be there if she didn’t need to. It is rare that we ever get time alone, so while she happily ate her lunch, I just as happily smiled as I watched her. I knew I needed something to recharge me today, I just didn’t realize it would be her.

I didn’t get one single thing done today that I meant to. And I couldn’t care less.

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