Primal Me

I’ve been trying to be more in tune with my body lately. Really listen to what it’s telling me. I’ve been more aggressive in my running and weight lifting, trying to very aware of what I was eating and how it was making me feel.

I’m plagued with headaches and stomach aches. Come 7:30, once the kids are in bed, I get either a stomach ache or a headache. They are usually calmed by a cup of chamomile tea, but still. I figured the headaches were the way my body de-stressed (I’ve had them my whole life), and chalked the stomach aches up to a sensitive stomach (which I’ve also always had). And then I started thinking. I’m a very active person and I eat really well. If I were eating junk, then a stomach ache makes sense, but to have my stomach react to a well balance home-made meal? It didn’t add up. And then one day I drove past a chiropractor’s office and read the sign “Headaches are common, they aren’t normal.”

Something’s causing me to feel this way, something’s not working properly in my body, I reasoned. And then life went on because I was too busy to deal with figuring it out.

But then I started reading this blog. At first I scoffed and thought it was a stupid idea. But I kept coming back to it, not every day, not even every week, but when I read it I would pour over the entries and admire the food.

“Primal” eating has been getting a wave of attention, lately. Cavemen? Live like cavemen? The ones who DIED at 35? Uhhh, does not make sense, people!!I thought (and said out loud). But then I read the (extremely logical) reasoning that although cavemen didn’t live long, they didn’t die of cancer and heart disease. They died of exposure and injuries and other things relating to health care.

So last week (or maybe the week before, I can’t remember) I gave up dairy. And this week I decided to go primal. I gave up grains and saturated fats and added sugar. And do you know what? It really hasn’t been hard.

I’ve been eating a lot of eggs for breakfast which is going to have to change, but I eat when I need to, and despite never feeling overly “full” I have been very satisfied after meals.

One exception: I ate a bowl of pasta Tuesday night and a sandwich yesterday for lunch because I was running 16k in the afternoon. I was afraid that without the grains I would bonk during my run. I may or may not continue that.

And one last thing? I haven’t had a headache in two weeks.

So, tell me, what do you think about it? Batshit crazy or kinda interesting?

2 Comments on “Primal Me

  1. I think it sounds like a good way to treat your body. That being said, I dont think anything like this can be done in the long term. It’s just not realistic for most people.

    I think a few weeks here and there is a good way to recharge and I hope you get a great result.

  2. I would respectfully disagree with you on this not being a long term solution. I’d reference this post ( to show it can be longer than just a few months and the benefits far outweigh any other options. The Paleo or Primal diet is the only one out there that can impact celiac disease, diabetes and many other Syndrome X diseases.

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