Brownies today, gone tomorrow

It’s funny how every month I start to sick into a pit of despair. It becomes obvious that eating healthy has no value, the endless cycle of laundry and cleaning the kitchen only to have it explode again becomes extremely tiresome and I wonder when on earth did Steve get so demanding?

A mere few days later, I donk myself in the forehead with my own palm and remember why I’ve been feeling so down.

A far cry from where I was a few short months ago, mind you, but this feeling always rears it ugly (bitchy) head.

So this morning, instead of letting the kids watch too much tv while I fretted about how dirty the kitchen was and scrubbed counters while feeling extremely under appreciated, I turned off the tv, put our baking supplies on the kitchen floor and we made brownies. The girls gleefully licked the batter off their spoons and fingers. After they were finished, we went to the bookstore to play with the train sets there.

Steve’s gone to a day-long conference hours away today. I have zero desire to do anything but play. And so, despite squeezing a few loads of laundry in, that’s what we’re doing.

The cycle doesn’t end, so sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away. Because the laundry, the dishes, the dust… they’ll all be there tomorrow. Except the brownies, I think those will probably be gone.

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