Entitlement and Greed

There are two words I quite dislike: Rich and Poor. I suppose it’s because both words are usually said with judgement, but there you have it, (two of the) words I don’t like and won’t use.

There’s this notion that “rich” people are entitled. I mean the people who can most afford it are the ones that get extensive baskets at their company getaways and they deserve this (from all their hard work, I presume). I think that, a lot of the time, yes, “rich” people are entitled.

Define rich for me.

Is it ten million dollars in an investment account? Is it being able to afford to travel wherever you want, whenever you want? Is it having your choice of cars, or paying for a new car with cash? Is it being mortgage free? Is it having a cleaner come once a week so you don’t have to scrub your toilets? Is it staying at home with your kids or only working part time? Is it having a new car, or is it having any car at all? Is it owning a home? Or is it a place to call your own, regardless of whether you signed a mortgage or a lease? Is it time with your children, or time away from them? Is it having a child? Is it finding someone to love? It is heat? Warmth? Food? Being able to decide to eat organically? Is it being able to afford food at all? Is it being able to choose your own religion? Is it being able to wear what you want? Is it being able to vote, to read, to have an opinion?

Aren’t we all entitled?

As I scrubbed the toilets yesterday morning, I wished for a house cleaner. Just once a week to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms. I started calculating in my mind when we’d be able to afford it. Well, maybe once Steve gets a promotion and then I’m back to work… once I’m back to work then we’ll *definitely* be able to afford one. One… Two… yeah in about two and a half years. I mean, hell, I’ll deserve it, then. (notice: entitlement)

As I vacuumed I thought about the iphone I’ve been longing for. So-and-so had one yesterday, I was kind of surprised. How can she afford the bills, I know how much they paid for their house. Where does the money come from? I bet she has a cleaner. I bet she doesn’t have to do this. (entitlement, again)

It’s hard to admit greed in yourself, I think. I mean, we’re not greedy, we just want the things we deserve, right? Like a nice house, a cleaner, an iphone, a personal trainer, time to myself… oh wait.

I have a beautiful house, two cars, a big yard, a functioning washer and dryer, my own bathroom, a big bedroom, the financial freedom to go to school and send the kids to daycare, time to train for running, the physical ability to keep my house clean. Not to mention my health, my family’s health, two wonderful children, a good husband, a strong, positive relationship with both of my parents and brothers, their health.

So I concluded, perhaps I am entitled at times. But maybe that’s because I am very rich, indeed.

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