Learning from the dog

This is a snippet of an article in the April edition of Runner’s World magazine, but it hit very close to home for me:

What Dogs Teach You About Running:
1) Keep your nose open to possibilities. If you get an intriguing whiff – or view – stop and take it in, because it might not be there tomorrow.
2)There is never a bad time to run
3) Running is best done in packs, or at least in pairs.
4) There mere sight of a pair of running shoes should make your tail wag.
5) When you get too hot, let your tongue hang out a big.
6) Squatting by the path is acceptable.
7) A leash – whether it’s real or a virtual I-can’t-do-this virtual one – will only hold you back.
8 ) The best recovery from a run is a nap in the sun.

2 Comments on “Learning from the dog

  1. I found your blog via Bodies in Motivation and can completely relate! I’m in my mid-20’s and a former rugby player who has just discovered that running can be fun, without being training! I spend every run with my dog and he is the perfect motivator!

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