Giant Crayons and Falling off the Deck

A couple months ago, when the second stomach bug made its way around the house, I started bargaining. I promised to keep the house clean, to stay on top of the dishes and to vacuum twice a week if I didn’t get sick. I didn’t end up catching the bug, and let’s just say I’ve (mostly) stuck to my word because I’m scared that otherwise, the stomach flu will appear out of nowhere and strike me down.

The laundry is blowing on the clothesline this morning and while I was out pinning it up, the girls came onto the deck. I noticed that one of the railings (which are 2×4’s) was missing. Usually, we have the BBQ sitting in front of the hole, but we had some roof repair yesterday and the guy had moved the BBQ. I made a mental note to replace it, so the deck would be safe. Five minutes later, Alena fell through the hole, down about 2ft, face first onto cement patio stones. She’s fine, despite a little cut on her tongue and some serious frightened screaming, but ugh. I feel so horrible. She was beside my leg and then she was just gone and there was a sickening thud and the moment of silence before the screams. The scariest things about kids is when you turn your back for one second, the worst thing can happen in a span of time it takes to take a breath. Luckily, she’s ok, but the “what if’s” of this one will keep me awake tonight, I guarantee.

I’ve been teaching a run clinic, not sure if I mentioned it here. It’s a learn-to-run clinic. It’s been great. Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings and I’m loving it. Anyway, it ends mid-June. I signed up as instructor for the 10k clinic which starts at the beginning of July, which I’m also really looking forward to. My half marathon will be over and I’ve decided to be very gentle on myself this summer, physically. I’m not going to focus on running, but instead on swimming and biking. But two runs a week with a 10k clinic will be decent runs, so it should be fun.

Lastly, I’m making GIANT CRAYONS (I write it in caps because that’s how I say it). The girls and I peeled and broke all of our crayons. Then we lined muffin tins with wax paper and filled them with the crayon bits. They’re “cooking” now (at about 200F). Once they’re completely melted, I’ll peel off the wax paper and voila, GIANT CRAYONS.

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