Today when I went to Weight Watchers, I had magically gained back all of the weight it had taken me 10 weeks to lose. It wasn’t much, but still! Ten. Weeks. Down the drain. I’m positive it’s linked to the copious amount of cake and wine that I consumed last week, but ugh. So not worth it now.

Aaaand I also have bronchitis.

Good news: I think I did well on my mid-term. But still, not the best day.

I’m nervous about my half in three (gah) weeks, what with the two weeks off running. I’m going to try a 22km run this week, and if I can pull that off, I’m still in. If not, I’ll scale down to a 10k but grrr. All my work! Still staying optimistic that the antibiotics will kick in well before Thursday and it’ll be easy… well, as easy as a 22km run can be.

Steve and I are going to Florida in August, did I mention? By ourselves! It’ll be stinkin hot and we’re going to play golf and swim and do little else. And I’m going to wear a bikini and not be self conscious, it’s my goal. Comfortable in my own skin (and skimpy suit).

I’ve been waiting on exciting news that I am dying to spill, and I thought everything would be set up by now, but it’s been three weeks and taking longer than expected. So I’ll tell you soon, but we all just have to wait a little. Sadly. Since I’m crap at waiting.

But I’m bored and feeling tired so tell me something exciting or fun. What are you excited about? What are your big plans this summer? Any funny story will do.


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