To Do Before 30

I just realized there is a limited amount of time left in my 20’s. 53 weeks, to be precise.

Many years ago, when 25 still seemed far away (not to mention kids, a dog, a husband and a house) I told myself I’d do a triathlon before I was 30. That’s why I’m doing it this summer, because I have to. I also told myself I’d learn a third language, but that hasn’t happened.

I’m hesitant to make timelines named “To Do Before 30” partly because it seems like a countdown to doomsday and partly because (if I’m being honest), I might not get it done.

I’d like to refresh my French, I’d like to learn Spanish. But really? I have everything I want. I’m happy with my own self, and oh, that beats any triathlon I’ll ever complete.

If I were to make goals for myself, they’d include finding deeper reserves of patience, following up on phone calls to my dear friends more frequently, calling my brothers more, refreshing my French, maintain a strong relationship with Steve.

What about you? How do you “do” countdowns?

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