Back Again

I realize I’ve been sort-of vacant around here for a couple weeks, what with the being sick and all, I was fairly vacant on my whole life, to be honest.

It’s not often that I get sick, and when I do, well… I’m a total baby. But! It was bronchitis! It had a name, so therefore: WOE.

Anyway, the good news is that I’ve emerged (mostly) from my Cloud of Doom and today was my first day in at least two weeks that I didn’t fall asleep at some point during the afternoon or feel like crying by four o’clock. And, I even did laundry! And exercised! So I’d say things are on the up-and-up ’round here. (Aside: Will the 30 Day Shred ever stop kicking my ass? For heavens sake, I am a fit person but can not, for the life of me, complete level three without whimpering, sweating like a hog and most likely cursing at Jillian Michaels.)(Which, whatever, it’s kind of why I do it, BUT STILL.)

As I mentioned, Steve’s brother and sister are visiting, so it’s been a noisy house. Although, I’d like to say that I am totally the best sister in law ever because I taught my nine year old brother in law how to make balloon dogs and swords tonight. And then he looked at me like I was a hero and told me I had sparkly teeth.

Life continues, as busy as ever. I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of time off running due to my bronchitis, which sucks because the half marathon I’m running is in three weeks. And so’s my Accounting final. And so’s a conference in Toronto I am attending/organizing. All the extras in my life making it nuts right now are all over at the same time, which will be nice in three weeks when I am a free woman for a few and still have to pay for daycare to keep our spot, and therefor will be sending the kids (but shh, don’t tell the teachers or any other judging mothers). Until then, I’ll be busy and rushed and really, really craving some wine.

Oh yeah! And! I re-instated our “Meatless Monday” (although this week we actually ate meatless on Wednesday, but whatever). Pan fried olive oil and garlic, sauteed mushrooms and red onions, then a ton of colourful bell peppers, some Italian seasoning, two cans of chopped tomatoes, and a can of tomato paste. Tasty and lean! That said, any of you veggies out there, I’d be very happy to hear of some vegetarian recipes that are both kid friendly and that don’t involve noodles.

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