New blog!

Yesterday I launched a new blog at iRun called “See Mommy Run.” I’m the busy mommy blogger, I guess, and very excited about it.

My first post is up, so please, go read and comment.

I’m debating between a 20 and 22k run tomorrow, but am feeling healthy and strong again (thankfully). Next week is both Leila’s fourth (gah!) birthday and a two-night trip to Toronto where I am hosting a conference and starting to get nervous about it because what if I st-st-stutter or, like, pee my pants in front of everyone. I mean, not likely, but hey, Fergie did it. It’s a little embarassing to admit just how much thought I’ve put into my outfits but seriously, I need a new shirt. And next weekend is my half-marathon and I’m not going to lie, I am very excited to almost be done training for this race that seems to have been hanging over my head for a very long time. Oh, I know myself well enough that only a few mere months will pass before I start planning my next road race, but hey, if I can’t lie to myself and swear that this is the last one, what kind of addict would I be, right?

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