Cuss Jar

I used to have the mouth of a sailor. Spending most of my time with a crude rugby team that drank too much most likely attributed to it, not to mention Steve and his military friends. But yeah, dirty words, all the time.

We don’t really swear anymore, you know, unless I’m drinking or angry or Steve’s talking to aforementioned friends, but in front of the kids? No, we don’t swear. We spell our curses.

“Are you f-u-c-k-i-n-g kidding me?” is a lot less satisfying than saying the actual words, though, and soon Leila will be able to spell.

“Are we going to b-o-n-e during naptime?” (and yes, I actually get romanced that solid on a regular basis) is often followed by “What are you going to do during nap? Can I not have a nap? I’m not tired! I want to come! Where are you going??” You get the idea.

But the kids repeat too much to curse in front of them and I feel guilty each of the like, three times bad words have slipped out.

In traffic:
Me: Oh you stupid asshole.
Leila: What? What did you say? Who’s stupid? That’s not nice, Mommy. What’s ash-hone mean? You have to be nice, Mommy.

So, tell me, do you swear in front of your kids? Do you swear a lot? Do you think that curse words are the fruiitttsss of the deeevillll?

2 Comments on “Cuss Jar

  1. Potty mouth, here, too. I’m fighting it. While I will defend to the death the comedic impact of an appropriately timed (and placed) f-bomb (or whatever), I really am trying to purge the words from my brain and having a hard time. My DH does not swear – never has – and I know he finds it really distasteful. I do, too, in general! It’s un-creative and lowbrow in most situations. I have, unfortunately, let a few loose in front of (and, sort of… AT…) my kids and they have repeated them. Which is the best incentive to quit, since hearing my then-6-year-old complain about the “fucking basketball!” was horrific.

  2. I’m getting better about restraining myself around LM, but I swear a lot. I also don’t care if he hears swear words in songs… not hateful songs, but in songs. He’ll learn them eventually anyway…

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