Day Alone

I spent the day with Leila today, heading to the local children’s science museum and out for lunch. I let her make all the decisions, and even pick out a new outfit for the fall. I figured it would be a dress, but she went for jeans, a cardi and a page-boy hat (which looks so cute on her). She dragged me around by the hand, and I all too happily followed.

I’m amazed by this girl, who proudly rhymes off numbers and letters as she sees them, who actually has a good sense of humour. She sat, with her apple juice this morning with Steve and I on the front porch while we had our coffee and tea. I saw the happiness in her eyes at being the sole focus of our attention. She was amazingly well behaved all day, and while she has always been a great kid, today provided a nice break from the screaming fits I’ve been dealing with the past week or so.

She basked in my attention, literally. It’s just so nice to be alone sometimes, she told me, Can we do this again one day?

Oh yes, baby. Hell yes.

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