Summer Vacation

Sometimes I feel like I write mopey things here, that even when I want to write the happy stuff, I try too hard to be poetic and it comes out as almost sad. So, here, some downright happy things:

My mom had some wild blueberries at her house the other day. They thrilled Alena because they were tiny. “A BABY!” she yelled as she shoved fistfulls of them in her mouth. I laughed as I re-told Steve the story and he proudly came home with a large box of wild blueberries from work. “For Alena, because she loved them so much!” he proudly told me. “Steve. There’s THREE POUNDS of blueberries here!” “Yeah, well, maybe you’d make me a pie, too?” (It’s in the oven.)

We’ve been trying kind of half-assed to potty train Alena. Half assed because she just didn’t seem ready. This morning, she pulled off her diaper and has been naked ever since. And has peed in the potty three times and no accidents.

Today is Steve’s last day of work for a week. We’re chalet staying and then to my parents for a summertime party and then back home. Big deep breath, ahhh vacation.

Tonight is also my last night of run clinic. As much as I’ve really enjoyed coaching these two clinics, I’m also ready to be done for a while. It seems like a long time since we’ve had a quiet Sunday morning together (it has been 20 weeks), so I look forward to re-capturing tea sipped on the porch or taking the dog to the park in the early morning sunshine.

Leila is moving up to “Green Room” (4 year old room) and Alena is moving to “Red Room” (27 months to 3 years) at daycare in a couple of weeks. One of the red room teachers has formed quite a strong bond with Alena (they spend time with other rooms in the morning and on the playgrounds) and told me she was making up the groups (kids are grouped with certain teachers) and snatched Alena for her own group. This is Leila last year in daycare and guys? I have to register her for school soon. I’m scared and nervous and worry about it, but also? Secretly? I’m kind of excited about getting so much time alone with Alena.

I probably won’t post again for the rest of the week as we’ll be away. Happy trails, everyone.

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