Home Sweet Home

Five days of vacation that held much too much wine, too much food, enormous amounts of family, bonfires, barbeques, drunkenly hugging my brother and telling him how much I loved him, realizing that I *am* a good mother, and counting, in the multiples, all of my blessings.

We were away from home for five days amidst family and wine. At one point, I holed myself up in a room with the girls and we coloured quietly. I thought a lot about the mother I am and the mother I want to be. And then decided to keep them home from daycare this week to make playdough and play tag.

We came home recharged.

And the best part? Steve and I are going to Florida for five days on Monday. By ourselves.

I have so much to say, you guys. About love and life and the beauty of summer and the fleetingness of children and there’s just too much to spill out right now. But what matters most? Is the family. It’s always been the family. I’m just lucky to have such a great one.

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