Back to School

Three classes this term.

A second year business class. The lab consisted of awkward ice-breakers with 19 year olds. Guess what we have in common? ………


Yeah that’s right. Nothing. Unless you count the fact that I get drunk and go to the Casino. Oh wait! That was 10 years ago.

I had a similar class last fall and while the lab was a bust and group work sucked, the lecture was interesting. I’m leaving myself open to the possibility of good things.

Second class is a third year business class (HR Management). We’ve been divided into groups of five and the class structure seems interesting. As in, no required reading (just a “suggestion” of the entire textbook) and no lectures, it’s all group work. I’m less than eager when it comes to group work (blame it on my controlling side and perfectionism), but the group is very diverse, so I think it could turn out to be a really interesting class.

And finally, a French class. I was planning on only taking two classes this term, but I decided to replace a third business class with a French class. It’s been six (!!) years since I’ve done any French and I figure this is a good way to refresh it. The prof introduced herself and once I relaxed a little, my comprehension was fine. Unfortunately, she did make us introduce ourselves with a few facts to the entire class and I got the nervous sweats as she made her way around the room, but I did alright.

I also have plans on applying for a job within the next few months that I can hopefully start on a very limited basis (10 hours a week) within the year with the goal of increasing hours (to 25 or 30) once I’ve finished my certificate. Updates on that as it develops.

What about you guys? Are you/your kids back to school?

One Comment on “Back to School

  1. I miss back to school. Lucky for me, Whistler is full of 19-year old kids who come here for a “gap year” instead of heading to college. I try to avoid them at all costs.

    Hope your classes go well and best of luck!!

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