Addiction, Depression, Broken Homes

Is addiction hereditary? Is depression caused by outside circumstance? Are children of broken homes fated to repeat the pattern?

I believe that addiction is a disease, the vice is what’s up for grabs. Is a “socially functioning” coke head better off than a homeless meth head, or simply not so far gone on the path? My cousin works in a drug store’s office, she said rehabilitation facilities don’t work most of the time, so they provide clean needles. Doesn’t that counter the effect of a war on drugs? I know the war on drugs is controversial, but when government funded clean injection sites pop up, isn’t the Canadian’s tax dollar being being juxtaposed?

I read an article in bed last night about the effects that ongoing stressful situations (ie: work) have on women. They are much more likely to become depressed. Is depression a condition you are born with or does it come about by a series of events? Is the ability (or inability) to cope with stressful situations learned or inherent?

I ate lunch with my cousin today, whose home was shattered by adultery and a messy divorce when he was a teenager. They are just recently starting to mend, but the shrapnel is still visible, for those who care to look. He’s engaged to be married next summer. Afterwards I mused out loud to Steve about the fate of his marriage. Will be be but a link in a chain of broken homes, or when the event causes such a disturbing wake, are people less likely to follow in the same path with their own relationships?

One Comment on “Addiction, Depression, Broken Homes

  1. I have thoughts on the addiction question, being the daughter of an alcoholic. Maybe I can find the time to express those thoughts, but for now what occurred to me as I read is your question about a free needle program countering the war on drugs – it’s about harm reduction, really. Just like a counselor working with abused women; yes, they should leave, but most won’t for a long time, so you find ways to help them cope and reduce the impact of their current situation if nothing else. If it were as simple as denying the supplies to fix the problem…

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