Feeling Better

I fumed for a while last night, and then I moped around the house, occasionally peering into the cupboards to see if a large bag of Tostitos had magically appeared. Then Steve got home from his evening class and I made myself a cup of chamomile tea and we sat and talked for a while and then went to bed and read for an hour and today I feel better.

Maybe the problem is that I feel out of place on campus most of the time anyway, maybe it’s the fact that my hormones are all messed up this week anyway. But the week continues, Steve’s off today and quietly reading while the girls nap. Tomorrow is another two-hour road trip for another meeting for another committee and a meeting to propose my idea of employment starting next year. It’s all hush-hush (partly due to my fear of overshare – THOU SHALT NEVER NAME WORKPLACE BY…. NAME – and party because I haven’t talked to many people IRL about this so…).

But! Changes are exciting and the weather is sunny and honestly? Tomorrow I’m buying the girls their winter boots. (Sigh.)

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