Rushing By

There hasn’t been much to say lately.

The days rush by, those at home are filled with noise and chores and errands and playtime. School days are a buzz of activity, trying to get everything done, keep it all clean. Before I know it, it’s Wednesday and then Steve’s out for the next three evenings and the kids miss him and I find the evenings lonely so I fill them with school work and committee work and text book reading.

Days go by and I realize I haven’t read a blog or checked a Twitter status. Evenings fly by and I blink my eyes against the bright of the computer screen and it’s 9:00 and Steve’s asking me to turn off the screen so we can spend some time together.

I’ve signed up for the parent committee at daycare and I’ve become surprisingly engaged with it. I’ve become chair of a committee I’ve been on for the past three years. I’ve been baking away our 40lbs of apples, I meant to exercise a little everyday but took this week off due to fatigue (though I miss it now).

The leaves are changing, suddenly, it seems. It’s surprising to see, in this 20 degree humid weather, that time is marching on and we’re not actually stuck somewhere between August and September. Tonight while Steve cooked an early dinner, the girls and I watched in wonder as a spider caught a fly in its web.

Leila chose a Dorothy costume for Halloween, and so we’ve been reading The Wizard of Oz a little each night. This is her second chapter book (the first being Charlotte’s Web, of course). There are fewer pictures in this book, but she’s more engaged and interested, rattling off what happened “last night in Oz” at the breakfast table or in the car each morning to whatever parent didn’t read it to her.

Alena is fully and completely potty trained (excepting nights) and it’s still a little strange to walk past the diaper/wipes isle without calculating my stash at home.

And so, as it always does, time rushes by, some days insanely quickly, some days painfully, exhaustingly slowly. But fly it does.

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