Hello World

Today Alena strolled out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but underwear.

I peed inna poilet, she casually informed me, as she wiped her nose with tissue (she has a cold). As she sauntered by, she waved the kleenex at me, My runny noe, you know, just in case I didn’t get it.

Wait! What? I exclaimed, my mommy-sense tingling. Did you wipe your bum?


Did you wipe you bum with…. *that*? I asked pointing to the “tissue.” She stopped, contemplated for a moment and replied cautiously, Noooo….


Milo got sick last night. She shit all over the living room floor. Quelle surprise in the morning! We ended up renting a steam vac because otherwise the large area rug would have gotten thrown in the trash (much like Leila’s favourite doll, who absorbed the worst of the “event”) (she cried) (a lot).


I had this whole thing composed in my head earlier, about motherhood and life and how sometimes, despite all the beauty and the blessings it just feels like you’re wading through shit. Day after day after day, the just keep rolling by. Sometimes too quickly and sometimes painfully slowly and hell, I’m starting to stare 30 in the (tired) face.

Good, bad, happy, infuriating, it never stops does it?

Oh you know I love my kids, and my heart still flips for Steve, but the mess and the noise and the meal after meal after meal after meal…


Obviously, I took the tissue away from her.


Hell, I’m tired.

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