30 Days of Truth: Day Seven

Someone who has made your life worth living.

Dear Alena,

You are two and a half. You are really talking a lot lately, your beautiful little personality shining through your eyes.

Your dark eyes, they sparkle with mischief because oh, you are so mischievous. Sometimes it seems like your little body just can’t contain all of the personality bubbling inside of you. You jump into my arms with every ounce of passion you have and wrap your legs around me, monkey style, arms squeezing my neck tightly. And often, you lean over and bite my shoulder.

It’s not malicious (though it does hurt, and I scold you), but you bite because you can’t contain the excitement.

You may wonder why you make my life worth living, or perhaps you wonder why I’m writing this to you. You see, my baby girl, this journey I’ve been on, quite simply, you’ve made it so much better.

The knowledge of self unfolds as the years continue, played out by our actions and experiences. Your Dad has helped me believe in myself, your sister has taught me patience, but you, well, you have somehow managed to bring it all together.

I am a better mother now than I was when I only had one child. Your tenacious spirit has shown me that I am strong. From the tiniest bundle that you ever were, wrapped in my love, suckling at my breast, I found, through you, myself.

Believe me, I know how trite that is, and if you were older, you would roll your eyes at me, I’m sure.

Before you, I didn’t believe in myself. Before you, I questioned everything I did, thought, felt. But you completed this family, brought the three of us together. United in our love and adoration of you, into four. Of course, I don’t mean to bring into question my love for your sister, because it knows no bounds. But you make my heart explode and you make me laugh and you, my baby, my sweet innocent little girl, you remind me of my own strength.


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