30 Days of Truth: Day Thirteen

A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Dave Matthews,

When I first started listening to your music, I was young, passionate, romantic, afraid, outgoing, uncertian, desperate to be accepted and loved.

The first boy I fell in love with loved you as much as I did.

Years of my life were spent listening to you, pouring over lyrics in the album sleeves, laying on my bed as the disc spun round and round. I wrote and re-wrote lyrics in my scribblers, in my journals, in the covers of books. They were profound and sometimes confusing – just like my life. They were beautiful and angry and sexual and sexually frustrated – just like my life.

I bought other artists’ albums because of references you made, I searched everywhere to read anything I could about you.

I spent hours and hours crying into my pillow with a broken heart while your music played. I’ve had passionate sex while your music played. I’ve been as high as the sky with the world spinning madly in my head while your music played. For many parts of it, you have been the soundtrack to my life.

Still, sometimes, when I hear a song or sometimes even your voice on the radio, my heart flips and explodes a bit. Because of the way your voice splashes over me, and sometimes because the sound of it makes me feel 17 again, in the best way possible.

There were tough days, yes. But there were so many beautiful days, like the time my friend and I drove in her car up to the back gate of our high school and she told me right then that one day when I was 30 and wondering where she was, I would hear Two Step and remember that moment. Or like the time my best friend and me stood for hours on sore feet and legs, entranced by you and the music you were playing but a few (hundred) feet away.

So thank you. Because you have completed so many moments.

A Fan

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