30 Days of Truth: Day Fourteen

A hero that has let you down.

I’d have to say that my real heroes in life are my parents. Sure, we fought, and sure there were some tough years when I realized that they were mere people who have fucked up in their life, don’t know everything, make mistakes, say stupid insensitive things and hurt people without realizing. That they have their own baggage from their past that existed before me, and that they have a life outside of me, that will always *be* outside of me… But they’ve never let me down.

In fact, my love and respect for them grows constantly as I get older and reflect back on my childhood.

My parents aren’t perfect, sure. But they are loving and kind and generous beyond what you can imagine. They are forgiving to the people who have hurt them continuously, they are loyal. They support me, in all my wavering doubt about life, they play, and I mean play down on their hands and knees with my children (which means more than they’ll ever know to me). But perhaps most importantly of all, they are there, unquestionably, when times are hard and rough for my brothers and I and for each other.

Lately it dawned on me that they won’t be here forever. Lately I’ve begun to realize how large of a hole they will leave in my life. Lately, I’ve begun to hug them harder, because, even at 29, I’m still realizing that my parents aren’t perfect, merely mortals. It’s scary and overwhelming and I think back to when they lost their parents. I had no idea the profoundness of their grief, because no matter how much you love her, a grandmother just isn’t the same as a mother.

But let me down? No, they haven’t done that.

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