30 Days of Truth: Day Eighteen

Your views on gay marriage.

Completely, unequivocally Pro.

I can’t even wrap my head around homophobia, to be honest. Let alone any justification that is used against gay marriage.

Sacrament of marriage (which I wholly and truly believe to be a sacred union of lives/bodies/souls)? Who are we to judge who gets to partake in that (or rather, who doesn’t)? I think the alarming divorce rate is of more concern than gay marriage.

Any sort of religious argument? You’re not going to convince me with that either. For every rule you claim is important, there is another rule you break. You don’t get to pick and choose, and people need to remember that the Bible is merely a text (and yes, this is coming from a Christian) that should be interpreted from the time in which it was written. And obeyed accordingly.

It comes down to Human Rights and our resistance to change. Everyone deserves to get to decide who they spend the rest of their life with and under what circumstances. A marriage (not a civil union) was important to Steve and I as a couple and we had the right to choose one. Everyone should.


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