30 Days of Truth: Day Nineteen

Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I’ve used both, though never to the point of endangering myself.

I think there are far worse things in this world than a drink or a toke, although I completely understand and respect those who choose not to use either of these things.

I also think that the dangers they possess is watered down in our society – it’s assumed and accepted that most young people at a certain stage in their life will drink to the point of excess regularly. Not that I didn’t do that, mind you, I just don’t think people realize what a dangerous situation they’re putting themselves in.

As far as drugs go, they were never really my thing. Sure I smoked some pot for a few years, but other than the giggles and munchies, it wasn’t something I overly enjoyed. I think I probably would have stopped when I became a parent if I hadn’t already, but the fact is, I stopped smoking pot long before Steve and I met. Pot doesn’t seem to mesh nicely with parenthood in my opinion, but I know lots of people would disagree with that. And that’s fine, that’s their choice.

I think we should be more aware as pot as a danger to young people, in that it can definitely be a “gateway drug” especially to those with addictive personalities and mental problems.

But as far as some recreational weekend fun? I say do whatever floats your boat, as long as everyone’s a consenting adult.

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