Winter Running and Housekeeping

In fitness related news, I’m running (another) half-marathon in a month. The Hypothermic Half. I ran it a couple years ago in Saint John (not to be confused with St. John’s) and it definitely sounded more bad-ass than it was. We bused 21.1km out of the (ocean-level) city and ran back in. The sun was shining, the temperature was a balmy 5 degress, I think I even shed my jacket at some point. It was at the end of February, though.

This year I’m running here in Halifax on February 6. Which generally falls right in the middle of the “deep freeze.” I can’t complain. Halifax has mild winters and minimal snow (which actually makes me want to complain, but whatever). But as I was checking tomorrow’s weather (Friday is long-run day for me), I sighed a deep and woeful sigh: 1-3 cms or snow; 1-2mms of rain. So basically if my weather app could talk it would have said: Messy. Also? Shitty.

I contemplated not going to a few minutes but the reality is that with the race in a month, I don’t have time to waste. Also, I’m training for a winter race. In winter. Crappy weather is part of the whole thing.

So tomorrow I’ll run in the cold rain or snowy-snow for 14km and really, it’s not even that long, compared to certian distances. Like the one I’ll be running in May. Yes, it’s true, I’ve (foolishly?) decided to run the Ottawa Marathon on May 29. And since I may as well find something good through my suffering keep myself motivated, I’ve decided to run with Team Diabetes. If you’re so inclined to support me in my quest of raising $7000, click on this link and head over to my page where you will see my pretty face smiling all the way to my goal (but maybe not the finish line. I expect tears moreso than a smile).

I won’t be obnoxious and push my fundraising on you, but I am (hopefully? If I can figure out how?) going to create a link somewhere on this page.

Also, this is way overdue, but did you guys know I write over at iRun? It’s a Canadian running magazine. You can find all my post at the somewhat hokey-named See Mommy Run blog. I’ll be detailing my marathon journey more closely over there for those so inclined to follow. I’ve actually been writing there for quite a few months but kept forgetting to mention it here.

So! In conclusion: winter running is messy, I’m obviously insane but trying to get a good deed out of the situation, read my other blog too.

The end.

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