Half Marathon V-4.0

I ran my fourth half marathon today. 2:05, which was the same speed I ran last spring. Honestly? I was hoping to break two hours, but the wind was strong (especially in the second half) and the hills were hard and my hip pain started up at 5k in and evolved into some serious knee pain within the last three kilometres. Turns out, everyone had a hard race (racing in February, perhaps?), so I guess five minutes slower than I was hoping for on a long winter run isn’t too bad after all.

The flip side of this coin is that a consistent time of 2:05 makes my goal of a full in 4:15 very realistic. I’m still in the “hill training” portion of my training, but within a few weeks will start speed training (which I loathe with the passion of a hundred… passionate things…). It will be really hard, but I feel optimistic that I can do it

It was a good weekend. I feel…. more like myself, honestly. The most like myself I’ve felt in months and months. It’s been a few days of mostly good, much less bad.

There’s nothing to say really, except that I have an interview for a job that sounded fun so I applied to on a whim a couple weeks ago. I’m 100% unsure about what I’ll decide to do. I applied because the job sounded neat and I figured at best I’d get an interview and practice for interviews is always good. I think this is kind of a preliminary interview, but they’ve been fairly vague.

Will you take it? Steve asked. What about school? my mom wondered.

I dunno, I replied. It depends. I just don’t know. Part of me would like to not be in school anymore, the other part of me realizes that a half completed certificate is a big waste of money. Would I work 30 hours a week and take a class in the evening? Yes. Would I work 40 or more hours? Probably not. Am I cut out to be a working mom? I think so, if I can find the right sort of flexible situation I’m working for.

It’s fun to daydream, anyway.

It’s on Wednesday. I don’t know what to wear and now I have to book a last minute eyebrow wax tomorrow. Because, seriously, I have to bring my game face, right?

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