Confessions of a cleaning kind

I don’t mop my floors once a week.

Or dust. Or clean the bathrooms.

While I am neurotic about the counters and kitchen sinks, I actually have honest to goodness mold in my bathroom that I can’t get rid of. And soap scum in my tub.

I let the dust pile in my bedroom until it’s thick enough to draw in it. In fact, sometimes the kids do. My house is tidy, but sometimes? It’s not very clean.

I forget about the laundry in the washing machine, or sometimes I’m just too lazy to walk down one flight of stairs to put it in the dryer, for days, and while the dirty stuff piles up, the load in the washer gets smellier and smellier.

Sometimes, I remember the kids need a bath because they actually smell. Sometimes, I let them watch too much t.v. because I’m tired, yes, but also, because playing Dora or Barbies too much in one week has to be bad for a grown ass woman.

Tell me, what are your dirty secrets?

2 Comments on “Confessions of a cleaning kind

  1. Mine are exactly the same…just add a night or two of take out instead of a cooked meal to my list.

  2. Yep, same here! Tidy yet dirty. Also, we may or may not have not one, but several nights of cereal/toast/hummus and crackers for dinner. 🙂

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