Sunday Morning Blues

Quiet, sleepy, lonely Sunday morning.

Steve’s away, did I mention? He’ll be home tomorrow night, but the novelty of watching whatever I want on tv wore off after about two nights and now I’m just kind of lonely. I called everyone I know with kids yesterday, everyone had plans. So we finger painted and watched a movie.

The babysitter is coming over this afternoon so I can go for a run. I thought about going with the stroller, but the hour alone will prove more valuable than the seven dollars it costs. And tomorrow is a daycare day, and the first day of Spring Break. And I plan on spending most of the day in the library writing a paper.

Marathon training is revised this week. Since the half, I’ve been running lots but haven’t gotten in anything more that 12k, so long runs begin again. I have a list of things I’d like to get done over Spring Break, and most of them I’ve gotten done already (long, quiet evenings). A (small) 1000 word paper, which I plan on starting (and finishing) tomorrow, catching up on reading and some organizational stuff done for one of my committees.

Oh. And my mom is in the hospital due to a gallbladder attack. She’s going to have it removed, sometime between now and ten days’ time. But as it stands, she’s “waiting” for the infection to go away. This will be her third surgery in 18 months. She’s having a hell of a time lately. I’m worried. Not about the gallbladder, per say, but maybe about the way she’s so rapidly aged? It’s like in the past 18 months she’s gone from my mom to a grandmother. Does that make sense? You know how sometimes old people break their hip and then they never truly recover and it seems that everything starts to fail? Well, logical or not, that’s what I’m afraid is happening to my mom. She’s only 55, and as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t qualify as “old” but, I dunno. She talks about how old she feels a lot now, how she hasn’t/will never be the same since she fell down the stairs and broke her foot (the first surgery). It aged her, and I guess that’s a little scary to me. Keep her in your thoughts?

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