Thankful for Happiness

As long as I eat within a half an hour of finishing a long run (23k yesterday), my appetite doesn’t spiral out of control. I’m better at controlling what I eat while distance running than I used to be. A bowl of rice and an apple fueled me perfectly for the afternoon yesterday, until dinner when I inhaled a big bowl of cereal. I definitely don’t have enough energy to cook dinner on long-run days, and since Steve works Friday nights anyway, it’s snacky dinner or cereal more often than not.

But I woke up this morning really thirsty and really hungry. My usual protein shake for breakfast just didn’t cut it, and I’m left trying to strongly remind myself that a bowl of yogurt would be much better than, say, some cookies.

I read this quote a while ago about fueling your body and it struck me as more accurate than any other philosophy I had heard about food/healthy eating. I can’t remember it exactly, but it was along the lines that you can’t “earn” food. If you go for a run to eat a brownie, that brownie doesn’t negate the calories you burned, it is what fuels your energy, and it fuels poorly. Everything you put into your body effects it. Generally speaking, that’s how I look at food now, as something that propels my body forward (literally). That’s not to say I don’t indulge, because when I burn over 1400 calories in one run, I don’t feel bad about eating an eclair that night. (It was delicious.)

It’s freezing here today, after a rain/snow storm last night. The wind howled all night and this morning, the porch is covered in snow. We have a play date this afternoon at a friend of the girls’ from daycare. There are two sisters, the same age as my girls and they all love playing together. The little girl who was in Alena’s class turned three a few weeks ago and moved into the preschool room. That means that in the mornings, she is in the same room as Leila and her older sister. Alena oozes green and wants to change rooms so badly. Yesterday, they let her stay in the preschool room to play with Leila and these two girls for a while and she had a blast. It should be a good way to spend the afternoon.

We’re going to bake this morning and tackle the very smelly and wet pile of laundry (running gear: hork). As requested by Leila, we’re having hamburgers tonight for supper and tomorrow is Steve’s day off. I always look forward to coffee/tea (his/hers) by the fire and cuddles and nap time.

I am thankful for my warm and dry house, I am thankful for my children, I am thankful for my husband. And I am so, so thankful for happiness.

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