This is what 130lbs looks like

Go look at these pictures of real women and their real weights. Go on. I’ll wait.


Back now?

Do you know what’s crazy? As I was scrolling through those pictures a few days ago, I identified with one woman, figured we looked about the same. She weighs 30 lbs more than me. I showed the picture to Steve and asked him if I looked like that. He looked at my funny and said, No, you’re much smaller than that.

What skewed images of ourselves our minds portray.

Numbers mean little to me. Both in a physical description (I have no visual for someone referenced by weight alone) and to me. I’m around 130lbs. The week before my period, I’m closer to 134lbs, but never below 130lbs. I wear a size four or a size six or sometimes even a large, it depends on the store.

My thighs rub together. My pants are always right around my legs. I have broad shoulders. I am short (5’3″).

I’m 29 and this is what 130lbs looks like.

One Comment on “This is what 130lbs looks like

  1. Good for you! p.s. You shoulda posted your pic in that cute black tank from fb! Hawt Mama!!

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