Marching On

This week has been final projects and presentations and group drama and running and exhaustion. The week’s speed is usually a fairly good indicator of how I’m feel (fast=good; slow=bad) and this week has gone so quickly, it’s hard to believe tomorrow is Friday.

I’m tired, though, and am letting the kids watch cartoons as I wait for my kettle to boil. As far as my little heart is concerned, there are few comfort foods that can compete with a hot cup of tea. It stems back to my childhood, sitting on my mother’s lap with my hands wrapped around her mug, stealing sips. Even on my school mornings, rushed and busy, I drink coffee. I enjoy it and it does the trick, but it doesn’t warm my body the same way.

Yesterday Steve met me at the park with a cup of tea before our appointment for taxes and the sun on the water, watching the stray cats, the ducks, the runners (always so many runners on nice days) made my heart happy.

My to-do list is long and my day will be busy. But it’s sunny and I’m home with my girls for our first quiet day, just the three of us, in over a week. I don’t take these quiet days for granted. Too soon, there will be no lazy weekday mornings for Leila. My heart hurts, in a funny way, when I think of her going to school in September. She seems so young to start the daily grind already, at the innocent age of five. But start she will, and no matter how I try, I can’t stop the march of time.

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