Alena is kind of a little bit sometimes a biter. It’s nothing that has ever evolved into a problem and poor Leila has definately taken the brunt of it. But a couple days ago after nap, the three of us were playing on my bed. We’ve been inside for days due to rain and Alena was wound up. As we wrestled and tickled, she tried to bite me a couple of times. It’s not a malicious thing, she does it when she’s really excited and wound up.

Anyway, she caught the fabric of my clothes and I would tell her “No biting” and then she’d remember and let go. And it’s been MONTHS since she’s actually bitten anyone – she’ll no grab her blanket or stuffed toy and chomp when she needs to. Anyway, the play ended and we went downstairs and I was tidying the kitchen before we were going to leave for a puppet show at the library. The girls continued the tickle game on the couch until I heard an ear shattering scream.

Alena had hauled off and bit (really, really hard) Leila on the thigh. Tears ensued, Alena was sent to her bed, Leila’s legs had deep teeth marks on it (luckily no broken skin) and I hugged her and put a cold cloth on her leg. Eventually I let Alena out of her room and she apologized and they hugged and we went to the puppet show and all was forgiven. About two hours later, I overheard Alena say to Leila I sorry I bited you, Leila.

I felt guilty, because I *knew* a bite was coming and I should have stopped their rowdy play. It’s weird how I can sense that she’s going to bite someone. It’s never been a problem at daycare (they would have told me if she had bitten anyone).

It’s interesting to me, in a detached kind of way (obviously, I don’t find it interesting when it actually happens), because I wonder what primal thought process goes through their mind. In Alena’s case, she doesn’t bite when she’s angry or frustrated, but when she’s really wound up.

“To communicate their feelings of love, excitement, frustration and anger when they have no other ways of expressing their feelings.” Also, “Children do not understand that biting causes pain to others.”

Anyway, here’s to a bite-free weekend!

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