In Praise of Two

Two is learning to run and hop and jump.

Two is laughter and words and an explosion of speech.

Two is potty training and wetting the bed and frustration at not being quite big enough just yet.

Two is getting to know yourself, or rather, making sure everyone else finally understands what you want.

Two is knowing what you want and stomping your feet until you get it.

Two begins as a baby and ends as a girl.

Two is wonderful. Two is my favourite.

This two year old has made me laugh and cry and, as always, somehow managed to make my heart grow bigger than I thought possible. She has cemented our family, the perfect way she fits into the puzzle. This two year old has made me wish more times than I can count that I could just freeze, pause, slow down time. For a month, a week, a day, a moment. She has made me wish to stay like this, just like we are right now because it’s all so perfect and I love it here.

And tomorrow, she won’t be my two year old anymore.

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