It’s Evolution, Baby

Check it out!

Above, there are three new pages. “Fashion-y Friday” where I will be posting some of my favourite outfits through the rest of the spring and summer. Named “Fashion-y” because I’m not an overly stylish woman, but it feels nice to be put together and I’ve been trying to at least put on a bra and some mascara this year.

“Run Clinic” where I will share my 10k Running Clinic classroom info. I won’t be sharing the training schedule, as that is created by the Running Room (though if you’re interested in it – or any other distance for that matter, please leave your email in the comments section and I can send you some great resources). Classroom material covers everything from finding the right pair of kicks for you to settling realistic and healthy goals to avoiding injury.

“Healthy Living” will chronicle my attempts at growing a veggie garden this summer – to be dug tomorrow! – and other ways to incorporate a healthier approach to food in life. I’ve started eating “clean” this past year and it has – no crap – completely changed the way I feel about food and diets and deprivation. Lots of fun links involved in this section!

I’m excited about these changes and hope you’re in for the (experimental) ride.

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