Saturday Ramblings

I’ve been thinking about my next marathon. Loosely, I mean. It won’t be for at least a year or so, but there are a couple I have in mind that I’d like to do.

Do I make my goal 4:15 again and try to hit it, or should I go smaller and try to break 4:20? I drift off and make calculations in my head, rehash the race. There’s nothing that went “wrong”, sometimes things just don’t always go completely right, you know?

I think a lot of unrealistic ideals and try to stay aware of not creating them for myself (anymore). I wonder if this stubborn determination to put myself through it all again is just me jumping down the rabbit hole that leads to obsessive behaviour. I don’t think so, but then I suppose it depends on who you ask (and how you define obsessive).

In other news, did you read about this girl? What do you think of that? Not of the Harper government, persay (although go there if you want), but of silent (or loud) protests? Of political action?

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