Yoga Comfy Casual

I bought this shirt at One Tooth Yoga Wear a few months ago. It’s comfortable and pretty and best of all, doesn’t require a bra! (What? You actually *like* wearing bras?) The pants are from The Running Room where I get a killer discount because I am a run coach.

This is one of my favourite outfits for a few reasons. First of all, it’s super comfortable. Secondly, I always feel good in it and it’s flattering (except that’s not a flattering picture because I have exercise hair and a huge pimple on my forehead).

I really liked the One Tooth store, even though this is the only thing I own from there. It was way more reasonably priced than some other places, plus the clothes are actually made in Canada (so yay for appropriately paid labour!) (actually, all the Running Room brand gear is also made in Canada).

The back of the shirt is cute, if you’ll indulge me showing off my muscles to Steve (who was taking the picture). The pants are tight around the hips and thighs, but flare a little and have a split in the back, which is also very flattering. You can’t see it here, but they’re lined in turquoise.

And you know, the really good thing about wearing yoga clothes around (other than that it has become socially acceptable HUZZAH!) is that you can break out into a wheel pose in the kitchen!


This yoga outfit post was inspired by the fact that I’m going to my first aerial yoga class at Studio InEssence downtown Halifax this afternoon.

2 Comments on “Yoga Comfy Casual

  1. You look amazing!! 🙂 And holy shit – your arms?!? I am jealous! 🙂 And that aerial yoga – looks hard! I do just hatha yoga which I love but not sure I could do it in the air in rope! LOL!

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