LBD with Polka Dots

I mentioned I went to a wedding last weekend, right? This is what I wore.

Let’s break it down. First, let me tell you about that awesome purse. My bestie came for my birthday and because she loves me so very much and works part of the time in Florida where they have the most amazing outlets ever, she gave me a Coach purse. I’ve had it for two weeks and have already used it about a million times. It’s the perfect size for a wallet and phone, it goes with absolutely everything and it totally suits me.

Next, the dress. I bought this dress about 18 months ago. I was window shopping with my mom (we shop together a lot) and flipping through the Sale rack when I saw that dress. Similar dresses by the same name were marked down from $200 to $129.99. This one was marked down to $29.99. It was the only size 6. Mom and I looked at each other like Are you shitting me? when I tried it on, it was the tiniest bit snug but seriously, who turns down a $200 dress on sale for $30? Plus I was going to Steve’s work Christmas party that weekend so figured even if I only wore it once, it would be worth it. I’ve lost a bit of weight since then, so it fits much better, although it’s now a little longer than I’d like. I may just get it hemmed an inch or two. I got a lot of compliments, and it feels nice and flattering to wear.

Cute aren’t they?

So this is a funny story. When mom and I were at Winner’s last month, I tried on a couple pairs of shoes. (These being one of them.) She insisted that I get two of them (the other is nude and will probably show up soon) and when I hemmed and hawed she just bought them for me. Who’s going to say no, right? Turns out, she and Steve were in cahoots for my birthday and had gone shopping for dresses together! He had bought me two new dresses and she knew each of the pair of shoes she bought me would go great with them. So as soon as Steve told me they had shopped together I realized why she had been so adamant about these shoes. Anyhoo! They are super cute, Liz Claiborne, I think, and pretty comfortable. I’ll have them for years, as they are a very versatile shoe and can be easily dressed up (patent leather does that).

It’s nice to have enough clothes in your closet to be able to throw a couple different outfits together for fancier occasions. Most of my dress-up stuff is with my Dad’s family, so I like to have enough to rotate outfits. This dress is definitely a keeper.

2 Comments on “LBD with Polka Dots

  1. The dress is so adorable and I love polka dots! And the shoes are fab – definitely so versatile! Do they pinch your toes at the front?

  2. No not at all. I *heart* peep toed shoes. My feet were a little sore the next day but no blisters or anything, just “I wore my heels for too long” kind of sore.

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