White T and board shorts

I slacked last week because It was Canada Day and I hadn’t gotten a post ready ahead of time and well, really I just forgot. But for what it’s worth, I wore jean shorts and a tank top. I didn’t even have any red and white on. For shame.

Anyway! This is what I’m wearing today! (Seriously. I took these by myself – as you can see – at the gym after my shower.)

T-shirt:  Old Navy(on sale right now for $5!). Here’s the thing about Old Navy shirts: they kind of suck. Steve has some that are a couple of years old and they’ve held up great, but mine only last for a few months before they’re all stretched out and unflattering. That said, for $5, I’ll wear it for the summer and then retire it to a pj shirt. I feel that I also need to state that my boobs are really not that big. Not sure if it’s the shirt of camera angel or what, but seriously. I’m not wearing a padded bra or anything but HELLO BOOBS!

Shorts: Powder Room (they are the Nassau ones). Super comfy (this is a trend in my clothing, as you are coming to learn). Not much to say about them, other than I really like them and think they look cute.

Finally, shoes (I couldn’t get everything in the picture doing it myself). Voila, what I wear pretty much all summer long:

Old Navy flops (ignore my toes that are need of a pedi).

One Comment on “White T and board shorts

  1. You are so cute!! 🙂 (And of course I was going to comment on how nice your boobs look!) LOL!!!

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