It’s sunshine pouring in through the windows and opening my eyes to a big pair of blue ones looking at me.

It’s piling into the car with a coffee in my hand, headed down to the lake at 8am with kids already lathered in suncreen, giggling. Steve reaches over and rubs my bare leg.

It’s the dog barking wildly as she bounds out of the car into the water looking for sticks.

It’s piling them back into the car two hours later, driving home, turning on the AC and smiling as Steve curls into a blanket, two little girls wrapped around him, watching a movie about treasure and pirates.

It’s springing out the door to run! This sunshine fuels my soul and I sweat and pant and run to near exhaustion until I’m home again and I turn on the hose and spray the dog to cool her down and lift the hose onto my head, gasping from the cold.

It’s two tired kids napping, as a breeze drifts quietly through the kitchen window when the house is beautifully quiet.

It’s tugging on bathing suits and more sunscreen because there are swimming lessons. It’s sitting half in the sunshine, half in the shade watching. It’s a flip flop tan on my feet.

It’s supper on the fly in the car because we’re driving to a campground to see old friends and there are marshmallows and rain drops and kids holding hands in a train as they walk to the play ground.

It’s home, finally, two hours late to bed and pulling nighties on quickly over tousled hair, still damp where the elastic held the ponytail tight, and kisses and hugs and I love you and soft, steady breaths before the door is closed.

It’s letting the rules loosen and the schedules flex. It’s enjoying moments and love and sunshine and the smile deep inside of your soul.


It’s happiness.

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