Wetsuit Mania

My regular Wednesday outfit:

No seriously! Every WEdnesday, Steve and I take our bikes down to Hubbards, a beautiful sea-side town. Cottage country, really.

We bike for a while along the road that boarders the ocean, usually stopping a few times to marvel at the view. We shout short conversations to each other, I chase him downhills and on the flat stretches, he leaves me in his dust on the uphills.

After our bike ride, we squiggle into our wet suits (squiggle is the actual term – those things are TIGHT!) and hop into the freezing ocean. We swim for a while – our distance is 100% dependent on the water temperature.

It’s our weekly date, and come hell or high water, we really try to stick to it. I would give up all the movie and dinner dates in the world, as long as we keep our weekly bike ride and swim.

And, just because I think he’s hot, here’s a gratuitous husband in a very tight wet suit shot. Enjoy!

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