I went off the pill about seven or eight weeks ago.

Since then I’ve been…. steadily gaining weight. It hasn’t slammed onto me or anything, but it must be up to a solid five pounds by now.

Oh I *know* it doesn’t change me as a person and blah blah blah, but let’s just skip that part of the conversation and get to the part where I start whining. Because you guys! I eat *so* well and I run five times a week, bike once, and do yoga at least twice. I’m so disheartened and discouraged.

I figured that since I don’t need to be on the pill, I may as well not put my body through it. I’ve scrolled through some chats online and the consensus seems to be that it’s my body readjusting the hormone level – and it can take a few months, as hormones aren’t something it’s been worrying about in the past three years.

There are long-term side effects of the pill, and I’d rather be off than on (since pregnancy prevention is no longer a concern for us), but not if it means unexplained weight gain.

I’ve always heard about women gaining weight when they went on the pill, not when they went off.

How about you guys? Have you even had this experience? Any magical cures? Should I wait it out another month and see if anything changes?

3 Comments on “Waistband

  1. It took me over a year to get back to normal after coming off Depo! Everything is back to normal now though!

  2. I don’t recall gaining weight after going off the pill (although it’s been a while since I’ve been on it!). My body seemed to get back to “normal” pretty quickly, within just a few months. Maybe try switching up your workout and try something new?

  3. Yes! I thought I was crazy but that’s the only explanation I can see. Also, the weight that I’ve gained seems to be harder to take off now. I’m running three times a week (getting started on C25K) and am doing Pilates and yoga one day a week each and so far it’s just.not.budging.

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