Day One

Well, then. Here she is.

Man. She did great. It was all nerves and watery eyes last night before bed, but this morning she sprung awake and bolted into my room. She dressed in her carefully chosen outfit (which was adorable) and gobbled up her breakfast.

The four of us walked to to bus stop together, and she was quiet. When the bus finally came, she gave me one of the tightest hugs I’ve ever gotten from her and climbed on, first in line. The bus driver found her a seat up front and she happily waved and off they went.

Steve, Alena and I drove down to the school and saw her as she got off the bus, holding a teacher’s hand who escorted her to her classroom.

She was really, really tired tonight, but nothing that an early supper, bubble bath, bed lunch and helping me make an apple pie couldn’t take care of. I put her to bed fifteen minutes early, peeked in two minutes later and she was sound asleep.

I guess she’ll do alright, that girl of mine. And while there were a few lumps in my throat that needed hard swallowing today, there was also a beaming, exploding, profound pride in my little big girl.

There was this one moment when I looked at Steve and for a minute floated above the two of us and saw how far we’ve come together. That we are now into this new place in our lives. That we are parents in our thirties to a pre-schooler and a school-aged child. You know? It’s just as exciting and fun as being newly in love or new parents or newly weds. It comes with a deeper sense of self, a deeper sort of love. The kind of love that builds on years spent together.

You know, it just might be better. I think I’m going to be a really good mom in this next stage, I really do.

One Comment on “Day One

  1. Yeah! Congrats on Kindergarten! And even though I don’t know you I think I can safely say you already are a good mom! 🙂

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